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Final style Mme Disposable Neck Covering Paper Towel Hairdressing Produ asvpiG46

  • Modèle : asvpiG46
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Disposable Neck Covering Paper Towel Hairdressing Product Features: Shatterproof hairmakeup beauty clean face can also use. This product is easy to use soft and comfortable salon are disposable paper bib Getting to the water without breaking the water will not fractured this paper There is a striking stretchabilitymeet the needs of different customer's different size Description Item Type:Neck paper Item Size: 67mm( width)a piece of size is 32 cm and can stretch to 65 cm Specification: 6.5 CM * 34 CM/case Material : 100% pure wood paper / crepe paper with high strecth extend percentage like 200% paper with glue Size:Normal size Quantity: 1 Roll Use:Shatterproof hairmakeup beauty clean face Applications:Barber Shophome Applicable location:Neck Weight: App 120g Package Included: 1 X Neck Paper Usage: Step 1:Take some appropriate length paper Step 2:Stick two blue glue together Step 3:The scarf is surrounded in the middle of the neck scarf Step 4:Turn ups the paperuse finger to press the dotted line gently.Let the crease close to the skin Some tips: This product belongs to the disposable product for the sake of your health please do not repeat to use.